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Aluminium doors: The multi-functional artists

​​​Aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular, as they score points as front doors with an attractive design and a wide range of design options. At the same time, they meet the high requirements for security and thermal insulation.


Good reasons for aluminium doors

If you decide to buy an aluminium door, you have not made a bad choice. The doors offer several advantages for the homeowner. With a low dead weight, aluminium doors are extremely stable. The material is rust-proof due to the so-called anodisation (electrochemically oxidised aluminium) and a high-quality paint finish. Aluminium doors are therefore very weather-resistant, do not weather like wooden doors and require little maintenance. When you invest in an aluminium door, you are choosing a durable and dimensionally stable product. When you buy an aluminium door, you also contribute to the eco-balance, as the material is 100% recyclable and meets the requirements of the international Cradle to Cradle (C2C) criteria. 

In addition, the metal doors offer countless design options, as the material can be painted very well. The doors stand out with their very puristic and modern design. 

The advantages of an aluminium door are summarised here:

  • rust-free
  • easy
  • durable
  • insensitive to weather
  • easy to clean
  • 100% recyclable
  • different door fillings
  • individual colour design possibilities
  • dimensionally stable

Structure of aluminium doors

The construction of aluminium doors differs depending on the type of door: entrance doors, doors for commercial use and fire protection doors.

Door leaves and frames

Door leaves and frames of both entrance doors and doors for commercial use are made of aluminium. 

In the case of entrance doors, the panel of the infill usually covers the leaf frame, so that only the frame is visible. In the case of commercial doors and aluminium fire doors, on the other hand, both the frame and the sash are often visible.


An aluminium entrance door usually has a filling made of a PU hard foam panel with an aluminium cladding. The thermal insulation can optionally be increased by equipping the entrance door with more sealing levels and components. 

Commercial aluminium doors and fire-protection aluminium doors have a filling of glass panes which, depending on the requirements, provide thermal insulation, sound insulation, burglary protection as well as bullet resistance.


Additional components can be added to all door types for additional burglary and fire protection. All door types are also available with different locks, depending on whether single or multiple locking is required.

Door hinges

Aluminium entrance doors, commercial aluminium doors and aluminium fire doors are available in three hinge variants:

  • Traditional door hinges with screw function
  • Door hinges integrated & concealed in the door frame
  • Roller hinges fixed & visible in the door rebate

Design of aluminium doors

Aluminium doors can be surface finished in many different ways - they are available in all RAL colours. Many doors are also available in the form of hinged or swing doors. If desired, the metal doors can also be equipped with side panels or skylights. This gives your front door an individual character.

Security and resistance classes of aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are equipped with modern locking systems to provide the consumer with various security standards. Schüco aluminium entrance doors can be fitted with their own security fittings up to resistance class 3 (RC 3). The so-called resistance class, or RC for short, is a classification that defines the resistance of the door of burglar-resistant building components. Basically, the number of locking points determines how well the door protects against burglary attempts.

Additional functions of Schüco aluminium doors

AluKönigStahl procures profiles for aluminium doors as a licensed partner of Schüco in high-quality, German premium quality "Made in Germany". These doors are particularly durable. The company offers innovative, digital solutions for windows​, doors and façades. Schüco aluminium doors impress with a smooth and harmonious door rebate appearance, a multi-skin profile design, a wide range of leaf variants and concealed door hinges to ensure high stability and functionality. 


Aluminium doors with sensors

In addition to the purchase of a door, Schüco sensors can be purchased which can detect physical conditions using sophisticated technology. The sensors can also be connected to burglar alarm centres or used for heating control. Frequently used sensors are:

  • CO2 sensors
  • Indoor and outdoor air sensors 
  • Solar altitude measurement

Aluminium doors with communication managers 

The demands placed on an entrance door are constantly increasing with technical progress. Nowadays, doors are integrated into complex security, monitoring and building technology systems. Due to increasing security precautions, Schüco door managers help to precisely regulate access to the building. The Schüco Door Control System (DCS) acts as an access control, door communication and escape door security system in one. The system can be installed using either the casement or mullion profile.

The product impresses with its modern and elegant design, as well as its simple installation and mounting (clip-on technology).

Another do​or management module is the Schüco DCS SmartTouch​, which handles door communication and access control. It is mounted either flush in the fixed frame or in the door leaf. The module can be operated very intuitively, comparable to a smartphone. The integrated HD camera enables video calls and constant access control, even when on the move!

Aluminium doors with fingerprint access

In order to secure access for authorised persons only, Schüco has developed the innovative Schüco Fingerprint Easy access control system. A line sensor reads the registered fingerprint and the front door opens. The compact device can be installed in the door leaf, in the door frame or in the door fitting. The simple commissioning makes the system ideal for private households and small industrial companies.

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