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CE marking and declaration of performance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CE Kennzeichnung.pngCE marking and declaration of performance

CE marking and declaration of performance​ is required for product information about the building components.
They confirm certain achievement qualities of a produced and unobstructed component.
CE marking and declaration of performance​ can be generated by the producer (manufacturer) in form of a type sign​. The information could be contained directly on the product (facade, window, door, NRWG, etc. ), in the commercial documents or on the website.​

Guaranteed quality of our products 
All our products are checked positively under the valid EN norms. If elements are made according to our processing documents and with original components, it is guaranteed that the end customer receives high and checked quality. A CE marking and achievement explanation is not a high-class seal, but confirm the achievement quality of the respective building product.​



Overview of the marked building products​

Safety glass​​since 08.2004​
​Gate​since 04.2005​
​Façade​since 12.2005 (Coexistence phase from 12.2004)
​RWA-NRWG​since 09.2006 (Coexistence phase from 10.2005)
​Windows and doors​since 02.2010 (Coexistence phase from 02.2007)

7 essential requests of the building product prescription​ 305/2011 (ER Essential Requirements)

The qualities demanded in the product norms, found themselves on the demands summarised in 7 essential qualities for building products. They are a basis for the CE marking and achievement explanation.​

1) Mechanical strength and stability
2) Fire protection
3) Hygiene, health and environmental protection
4) Safety in use​
5) Soundproofing
6) Energy economy and heat retention
7) Sustainability (new since 03.2011)

Conformity procedures
Depending on the product a disctinction is made between different conformity procedures. (1 / 1+ / 2+ / 3 / 4)


Products that need external monitoring

These products have to be monitored by accredited inspection bodies. (1, 1+, 2+)

Voluntarily characterized products
These products are monitored by the processing plant itself. (3 und 4)

The following procedures are required for the entitled issue of a CE mark​

1) Positive tests
Valid test certificates or test certificate summaries (product pass, product performance pass)

2) QM-Manual
For the purpose of transparency of the procedures of the planning and production phase processors have to keep a quality management manual in the course of CE marking.

3) FPC Factory Production Control
The processor is obligated to provide evidence of his/her own production control.

4) DoP Declaration of Performance
As from the dates mentioned above manufacturers of aluminum, PVC and steel elements are obligated to confirm that the performance characteristics of the relevant product fulfill the requirements of the valid standards according to EN norms. 

The declaration of conformity required by July 2013, a one-time, national language form needs not be filled out. 

5) CE marking
Through CE marking a common environment for manufacturers within the European Union can be established::
- Valid tests and test procedures throughout Europe
- Evidence for all EU states
CE marking includes technically relevant product information (water tightness, thermal insulation, etc.)

In the following tabs show detailed information of different building types as well as declarations of performance of security-related system components.