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Aluminium windows

​​​​​Aluminium windows are particularly durable, stable and burglar-proof and are therefore extremely popular for private buildings as well as for commercial properties and in the public sector. Aluminium window frames are also very weather-resistant, something their wooden competitor cannot match. Below you will find more advantages and important information about metal windows at a glance.


Advantages of aluminium windows

Aluminium window frames have a particularly high level of thermal insulation. Thanks to the insulation, aluminium windows also act as first-class noise protection

A major advantage of aluminium windows is that they are easy to maintain. The metal is easy to clean due to its surface finish. Aluminium is also highly resistant to corrosion and therefore does not rust. Another advantage of metal windows is that they are absolutely weatherproof.

What is the U-value of an aluminium window?

One of the most important functions of the window is undoubtedly thermal insulation. Modern windows have thermal insulation glazing as well as an insulated window frame. This insulation prevents unpleasant cold or heat from entering the interior from the outside. In order to define the insulation value of a window, the so-called U-value (=thermal insulation coefficient) was defined as a reference value and is made up of the thermal insulation of the frame and the glazing. 

  • Uw - total U-value of the window (w=window)
  • Ug - U-value of the glazing (g=glass)
  • Uf - U-value of the frame (f=frame)

The U-value of the window pane is significantly determined by the number of panes, their distance from each other and the filling of the space between them. The U-value of the frame depends on the combination of window frame and sash. 

The lower the U-value, the lower the heat loss to the outside and therefore the better the thermal insulation of the windows. A low value has a positive effect on energy consumption and leads to lower heating costs in the long term.

Schüco AWS windows as thermal insulation champions

Aluminium windows with very high thermal insulation are found within the Schüco Window AWS series. The highly thermally insulated panorama design system Schüco AWS 75 PD.SI​​ is particularly worthy of mention here, which can be used as a single window, as a window strip or in Schüco façades​. The aluminium window model not only has first-class thermal insulation, but also impresses with its strikingly narrow design. The product was also awarded the iF Design Award 2019 and the Red Dot Design Award 2019 for this.

The two window systems Schüco AWS 90.SI+ and Schüco AWS 75.SI+​ are again a very good choice from the point of view of thermal insulation. The products can be motorised and so, instead of manual operation, the windows can be controlled simply by pressing a button. For high security requirements, the aluminium windows can be equipped up to burglar resistance RC3. Schüco AWS 90.SI+​ also offers a wide range of architectural design options and, thanks to the concealed Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fitting, allows transparent formats of up to 200 kg. The window system also has passive house certification.​

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart 

The Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart​ product is a circumferential, concealed fitting that enables both simple installation and processing. The window fitting can be fixed almost without tools using clip technology. The windows can thus be opened up to 180°. Furthermore, the fitting can be retrofitted with additional components for locking and thus offer improved burglary protection. To provide more design freedom, a contemporary range of handles is available with a rosette-free option on the window handle.

What is the purpose of the "warm edge" on aluminium windows?

The warm edge, or glass spacer, is a standard construction in modern windows. To ensure optimal thermal insulation, windows consist of several insulating panes. The glass spacer ensures that the glass and frame do not touch. The gap is very important from a thermal insulation point of view, as a leak would have a strong negative effect on the insulation. Non-heat-conducting materials such as stainless steel or certain plastic compounds allow less heat to escape to the outside, thus increasing the thermal insulation.

Ist Aluminium recyclebar?

Aluminium windows from Schüco are recyclable thanks to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) principle. This involves designing production processes in such a way that all materials used can be easily dismantled and sorted and are therefore fully recyclable. After dismantling, aluminium can be melted down and resold in the form of pressed aluminium billets. Thanks to the C2C principle applied, waste is avoided and a recycling process is made possible. In contrast, wooden windows cannot be recycled due to their paint finish and thus end up in hazardous waste.

Are aluminium windows barrier-free?

Barrier-free window systems are particularly suitable for convenient planning across generations. The innovative system extension in the Schüco AWS system basic depths 70 mm, 75 mm and 90 mm all feature a zero-level threshold with an intelligent sealing system. The window systems are also equipped with hydraulic lowering, which enables a force-free closing process. A horizontal handle is available as an additional feature to further optimise accessibility.

How do you recognise the high quality in aluminium windows?

In principle, the window fittings are an important quality feature of the windows. If the quality is low, the window will need to be repaired more often and the overall service life will be reduced. High-quality window fittings thus reduce maintenance costs.

The previously mentioned U-value can also be used as a quality feature when buying aluminium windows. Another indication of good quality is if an established brand manufacturer stands behind the product and spare parts are easy to obtain.

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