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Schüco VentoFrame Asonic

  • Window ventilation device with self-regulating ventilation flap
  • High sound insulation of up to 42 dB using sound-insulating materials and tightly closing construction
  • High thermal insulation through thermal separation and foam insulation
  • The user can regulate the airflow volume using the internal flap
  • Air supply can be regulated manually in 5 stages using a cable or rod
  • 9 different device versions for a wide range of property-specific requirements and window installation depths of 50 mm to 120 mm 
  • Supply based on final measurement for rapid installation in the workshop

Schüco VentoFrame Asonic –  Window-integrated acoustic ventilation system for a healthy room climate

Schüco VentoFrame Asonic ensures natural ventilation with a high acoustic and thermal comfort.
In many buildings and spaces it is difficult to achieve a regulated airflow while still retaining sound insulation:
Even though open windows let fresh air in, they also admit annoying external noise. The Schüco VentoFrame Asonic window vent allows air circulation in buildings without draughts and annoying external noise through open windows.
During the development of these vents, which are based on final measurement, special attention is paid to rapid processing. The Monoblock principle (delivery as a single part) allows high strength in conjunction with the window frame and an even more tightly sealed design.

9 design versions:
Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Air is suitable to fulfil basic requirements relating to sound insulation and is optimised for transverse ventilation concepts. The product versions Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Air Light and Basic differ in terms of their sound and volume flow characteristics.

The Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Comfort goes a step further and guarantees an even higher sound insulation and even more comfort through the integrated self-regulating flap with non-return function. The Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Comfort can be combined with an exhaust air system, which further significantly improves energy losses and the ventilation performance. The device versions Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Basic, High and Ultra within the ventilation system allow custom requirements for ventilation and sound insulation to be met.

Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Air HR/Comfort HR
The HR- (High-Rise) versions of the Schüco VentoFrame Asonic are fitted with a weather protector as standard, which ensures optimum waterproofing. The HR- version with a weather protector is available for the following versions: Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Air Basic, Schüco VentoFrame Asonic Comfort Basic/High/Ultra

Additional ventilation options

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System features

SystemVentilation systeme
TypesExhaust air
Supply air
FeaturesDecentralized ventilation
ControlManuell switchable