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Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart

  • ​​​​Wide range of applications with functions for night ventilation, times ventilation and night-time cooling
  • Power Management function: operate up to 30 window units with a single AC adapter
  • Opening widths up to 800 mm ventilation
  • All components fully integrated concealed - even during an active function
  • Very narrow window sizes can be implemented to match the current architectural trends
  • Window control through pole reversal and Schüco own control components:
  • Simple, functionally reliable commissioning of the window
  • Schüco control for automated window functions: e.g. ventilation or closure monitoring
  • Burglary protection: system tests up to protection class RC 2
  • Pinch protection software ensures trap protection class SK 2; possible through switching strip SK4
  • Building security through automatic status monitoring of windows
  • Motor technology and mechanical optimization allow most quiet, fully integrated drive in the market
  • New intuitive software for simple commissioning and parameterization of window elements
  • Maximum use of identical parts: space-saving storage and economical manufacturing
  • Optimized assembly steps ensure reliable processing 

New Generation of concealed mechatronic fittings with a focus on minimized noise and maximized opening widths

Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards for concealed drive technology. The innovative generation of fittings provides not only the quietest completely integrated drive in the market, but also a fully tested system comprising drive, fittings and profile system.
Other new features: maximized opening widths and element sizes make the use of Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart possible in nearly all Schüco windows series. 
Integrated into building automation, Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart meets the most diverse requirements energy efficiency, comfort and security in commercial construction as well as in housing: e.g. in the field of ventilation, smoke extraction (NSHVs), natural night cooling or burglary protection. 
Also the individual operation leaves little to be desired: in addition to manual operation through handle or wall-mounted switch also mobile devices such Tablets and Smartphones can be used, which is a perfect solution for difficult or inaccessible windows or skylights. ​

Special feature

In addition to manual operation by handle or wall-mounted switches, the windows can also be controlled from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.​

System features

Building automation
SecurityBurglar resistant RC2
Comfort control
ControlElectric switchable
Switch rail control

​Schüco has offered a range of options over the last few years

Since spring 2017

Schüco currently favours mobile phone access via WiFi, and so

Schüco Automation Manager (+ mains adaptor) 

    in combination with 

Schüco IP Gateway + phone (currently only iOS)

Until about 2016

Schüco WCS TT module 263149/263150 

    in combination with 

Schüco hand-held transmitter 263263

Until about 2012

Schüco TipTronic receiver 262625/703/704 

    in combination with

Schüco remote control 262634/262654 or Schüco radio-controlled handle 247582/…/247513/247574


The Schüco radio-controlled handles 247582/…/247513/247574 introduced from 2008 in combination with the window-integrated radio receiver were a good concept but were not met with enough of a response on the market. We are currently considering a reintroduction.

With the Schüco TipTronic 1.0, the Schüco WCS accessed the window bus via an integrated receiver in the cables to control the leaves. For the Schüco Tip Tronic SimplySmart, the BUS protocol was changed to offer higher performance. That is why the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart is now incompatible with the Schüco WCS cable transition. 

Benefit today

The current variant with the IP gateway facilitates considerably better reach via the Schüco app.

Additionally, the lack of radio transmitter allows a much greater range of functions. 

​Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart is an innovative control system for Schüco windows.

The simplified principle of pole reversal is possible. It means that [+] and [-] are simply interchanged by a switch. The motor opens or closes the actuated single window. 

Please make sure that all comfort functions, for which the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart system was developed and conceived, are excluded by this principle.

You will find the electrical schematics here

Schüco TT SimplySmart Anschluss Polwendeschalter_V1.2 (AT-DE) 2016-08-16.pdf

​The Schüco TipTronic 1.0 and TipTronic SimplySmart window control systems were developed in order to be able to open and close windows "intelligently".

Here, "Intelligent" means: Both controls consist of a bus system that includes the following options

• simple and inexpensive circuits for up to 30 windows

• coupled windows can actuate certain ventilation positions (opening width)

• in tilt-and-turn windows or KvD, the rotational function can be locked

• trickle ventilation adjustable

• gasket pressure adjustable

• opening speed adjustable

• coupling of individual windows possible

• overall control of opening/closing for all and/or additional individual controls via an additional module

The idea behind this development is to reduce costly bus systems and/or to reduce cost for power supply units.

Of course, both systems (group control unit (until 2016) and automation manager (from 2017)) can be actuated via the EIB and other building control systems.

The actuation of each window was and is possible in both systems; however, the aforementioned versions are reduced to the simple function of opening and closing.

Please see our planning guide on this subject for Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart in the applicable version.

At the end of 2016, the new generation of Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart fittings was introduced.
The activation of the concealed motors takes place via an improved and simpler controller with display, the functions have been extended and the wiring has been made simpler.
In particular, the speed, opening widths and sound volume of the motors have been optimised.
You can find compatible or incompatible article numbers, as well as repair articles, for Schüco TipTronic 1.0 in the following overview:

In the years 2006 to about 2014, Schüco TipTronic 1.0 combined the 263117 controller directly in the casement window with the 262625 receiver and controlled it with, for example, the 262634 transmitter for Schüco pivot-hung windows.

The 262634 transmitter is currently available as a repair item (as of 2018). The 262625 receiver is currently not able to be delivered.
If the receiver is defective, there are two alternative solutions. However, these are only outside the casement window.

Possible solution and alternative 1
262653 radio receiver
This switches two potential-free contacts and makes it possible for the bus wires A and B to be switched to negative for Schüco TipTronic 1.0 systems.
Please see description

Possible solution and alternative 2
26270 radio receiver
This receiver also switches two contacts and can be controlled, for example, with the 238831 transmitter (433 MHz)
Please see description

Direct radio solutions were withdrawn from the programme due to susceptibility to failure because of the numerous radio signals used today (mobile phones, W-Lan, others) and complex building shapes 
and building materials.

​Please choose the respective current firmware / software versions (see "Current") according to your product.

We also make a point of listing the historical versions (see "Expired") in this directory - if available.

1) Schüco Engineering Tool Automation


      Schueco EngineeringToolAutomation Setup V02.11.00 2021-01-14.exe

      Schueco EngineeringToolAutomation Operatings instruction 2020-12.pdf

Please use the following driver for the bus adapter interface:

      Treiber-Installationsdatei 2019-03-15


      Schueco EngineeringToolAutomation Setup V2.10.02 2019-07-29.exe