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Schüco SFC 85 SG.HI, Type A


  • Structural Glazing façade with thermal separation
  • Highly thermal insulated .HI variant
  • Glazing type: Structural Glazing stepped insulation glass (SG)
  • 85 mm inner face width
  • Mullion and transom façade with insert elements crafted as frame
  • Opening elements as projected top-hung or parallel vent windows with leaf weights up to 250 kg
  • Opening elements manual or motor-operated
  • Concealed motor drive
  • Maximum dimensions (W x H) up to 2700 mm x 3600 mm
  • Fixed sections to 480 kg possible

Schüco SFC 85 (Stick Frame Construction) offers maximum transparency and elegant design with the same face width of fixed panel and leaf.

The insert elements can be implemented in particularly large fixed panel or leaf formats with high element weights.
Seven projected top-hung stays and two types of parallel vent fittings are available for leaf weights up to 250 kg. The ratchet stay for projected top-hung window secures the open leaf against wind pressure or suction.

​The proven Structural Glazing façade with the double and triple glazing is approved all over Europe on the basis of ETA-07-0120. 


System features

SystemFacades and Skylights
EnergyThermally insulated (Uf ≤ 2,0)
TypesTransom and mullion
Transom and mullion-construction/Glittering glass façade
SecurityBurglar resistant RC2
FeaturesFall protection
Multi Countour
Structural Glazing
Semi Structural Glazing
SurfaceAlu crude (refinementable)
Sound insulationincreased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
increased sound insulation more than 45 dB
Key figuresThermal insulation Uf in W/m²K: from 2,2 to 2,6
Sound insulation Rᵥᵥ,ₚ in dB: from 36,0 to 43,0
Standard face width in mm: 85,0
Construction depth in mm: 225,0
Powder: all Variations
Eloxal: all Variations
Wet coating: all Variations
Stainless steel look: all Variations
Airtightness: AE
Driving rain proofness: RE1200
Resistance against wind load: +/-1,8 kN/m2
Shockproof: I5/E5
Continuous operation: 3
Mechanic strength: 4

1) Delivery status
Schüco profiles for the SG version are delivered with a special anodised surface.
The special anodising provides a specially compacted surface on which adhesives hold particularly well.
Only a few companies in Europe are certified to carry out this anodising surface.

2) "Expiration date" of the surface
For SG profiles, it is important to note that the anodised surfaces have an expiration date.
Use after expiration is only possible after consultation with Schüco or AluKönigStahl.

3) Exceptions
If inadvertently raw goods are delivered, further measures are only permitted in coordination with Schüco or AluKönigStahl.
Projects without special anodising are possible if positive tests have been carried out in advance with the adhesive manufacturer.
Area of responsibility: Adhesive manufacturer or gluing operation

4) Contract
Prior to delivery of SG materials, an SG contract must be concluded between the company being supplied by AluKönigStahl and AluKönigStahl. The supplied operation may be a metalworking or a glazing operation.
The contract regulates the liability issue. Liability for damage caused by faulty SG bonding is generally the responsibility of the bonding operation. This must be tested and certified (Conformity procedure 1, ETAG 002 Regulation).