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Schüco MFM DC 500

  • 6-sided machining, including cutting of 6m rod 
  • Machining length including end faces = 7.5 meters 
  • Machining of aluminum and steel 
  • Absolute measurement system with separate motorized clamping blocks 
  • Blow-off device at each clamping block
  • 400 x 400mm profile holder

CNC Profile machining – Premium class

  • An absolute position measurement system in all axes enables working without referencing
  • Separately driven clamping blocks traverse simultaneously and thus reduce the setup time considerably
  • Clamping area enlargement for high profiles by adaptable clamping jaw extension
  • Easy placing of profiles; Insertion position always in front regardless of profile size
  • Blow-off devices on every clamping block minimize surface damage by chips
  • High precision due to clamping axes of the machining head during machining
  • Latches from below up to 290 mm
  • Measurement of profile height and automatic tolerance compensation
  • Already saw cut profiles can be re-processed using a measuring paddle (!)
  • Quickly and manually calibrate tools, automatic probe
  • Integrated vertical clamping device in every clamping block
  • Jobs can be machined in the clamping area without re-clamping
  • Machining particularly close to the clamping block
  • Upgrading to up to 12 clamping blocks easily possible (Standard 8)

Features and equipment

  • 5-sides machining of aluminium and steel profiles
  • 6-sided machining possible for aluminium profiles by angular head
  • Steel profile machining (S235 to approx. 5 mm wall thickness)
  • 16 kW spindle power
  • Full torque from 1 − 9000 1/min
  • Remote maintenance software (Internet connection necessary)
  • High-resolution absolute position measurement systems
  • Positioning of X axis on helical drive rack with servo motor
  • Positioning of Y and Z axes on ball-screw spindle with servo motor
  • Continuous variable pivoting of A and C axes on servo axis
  • Measuring strop for measuring profile lengths
  • Measuring device for measuring profile heights
  • 8 separately driven, positionable clamping blocks
  • Air device for cooling the electrical components in the switching cabinet
  • Operating panel with 19” Touch Screen TFT color display
  • Machine bed in own rigid welded construction
  • Hardened and ground guide ways
  • Chip colleting drawers below the machining area
  • Paint: RAL 9006 (while aluminium), RAL 7016 (anthracite gray)

Safety devices
  • Protective cabin for workplace limit with viewing window 
  • Inspection window for checking the machining operations 
  • Safeguard the working area (safety fence and light barriers) 

System features

SystemMachines / Tools
TypesSaw machine
Cutting machine
Key figuresLength in mm: 15000,0
Depth in mm: 5500,0
Weight in kg: -1,0