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Schüco FACID

  • ​​​​Schüco FACID is the first flexible System Textile Façade 
  • High durability and reliability, guaranteed for 10 years
  • Print design according to your personal preferences
  • 3D formability and excellent appearance
  • Privacy and sun protection as well as light sound insulation
  • Numerous fabrics available
  • Simple assembly during initial installation and exchange 
  • Easy cleaning

Unlimited design freedom with Schüco FACID

Schüco FACID stands for modern and flexible architecture. The new System Textile Façade offers a wide range of design possibilities due to its suitability for digital printing, and its three dimensional formability. Various fabrics are available depending on the application and type of building. The high durability and ease of maintenance (cleaning) are particularly impressive.

Special feature

Schüco FACID has been designed for large-format textile façades. Based on the patented "towel holder technology", aluminium profiles tension the fabric reliably and securely in all corners and connection points. There is no possibility of rucking or warping.​

System features

SystemFacades and Skylights
Sun blind
FeaturesComplete shadowing
SurfaceAlu crude (refinementable)
Key figuresPowder: all Variations
Eloxal: all Variations
Wet coating: all Variations
Stainless steel look: Possible

​Schüco FACID net grid façade fabric with bright colour is suitable for large-format frontal projection with a beamer. Ideally, white fabric should be used. The hole structure does not influence large-scale projections.

For frontal projections, closed fabric may be used, but this must be approved by us separately.

We recommend planning companies to carry out a projection test on a smaller tissue sample surface before final decisions, so that they can assess the effect themselves.


The mesh grid façade fabric is unsuitable for back projections with a beamer. For this purpose, closed and highly translucent diffuser fabric or sheets must be used, which are offered by specialised companies.