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Schüco Fabrication Data Center

  • Large screen with IT workstation for the workshop
  • 27‘‘ touch display … Fabrication Data Centre (variant)
  • 46‘‘ touch display … Fabrication Data Centre plus (variant)
  • Always current: All catalogues in valid version
  • Quick: catalogue research in a few seconds
  • Digital roll handbook from SchüCal/JANIsoft
  • Simple operation via touchscreen display
  • SchüCal|Janisoft data easier to call-up
  • Current planning status useable
  • Cutting, processing and assembly controlled simply in operating mode
  • The barcode reader selects bars from the SchüCal elements

Schüco Fabrication Data Centre (Schüco FDC) puts IT in the workshop

The Schüco Fabrication Data Centre puts project- and catalogue information in the workshop digitally. The software includes a special SchüCal/JANIsoft-version and our AKS TechDoc documentation adapted to the fabrication process. The Schüco Fabrication Data Centre screen is operated via touch and makes rapid, efficient fabrication of our aluminium elements certain. Bars coming off the saw can be recognized via the barcode and SchüCal/JANIsoft immediately finds the intended fabrication position. The related documents, e.g. roll plans, are displayed immediately. The metalworker sees all processing procedures in 3-D and easily recognizes all item details. One click lets him reach the correct catalogue page… quite a bit faster than searching through the printed catalogue. The update service has all data at the latest status anytime.

Special feature

The Schüco Fabrication Data Centre lets industrial processors save time and costs in the workshop while additionally ensuring quality.​

System features

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