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Schüco Corona CT 70 HS - Hebe-Schiebesystem

  • The best thermal insulation by insulated reinforced and threshold profiles
  • Flat, robust barrier-free threshold
  • Leaf construction depth of 70 mm, basic depth of 167 mm
  • Multi-chamber technology in all construction details
  • Gasket system guarantees maximum wind & driving rain impermeability
  • Burglary protection rating RC2 through special invisible locking system
  • Triple glazing for optimum soundproofing
  • Wide range of different types of construction
  • Schüco Corona CT 70 HS - the thermally separated comfortable lifting & sliding door

The PVC system Schüco Corona CT 70 HS is a design based on the 70 mm system Schüco Corona CT 70

Thermal insulation

With the thermally separated lifting and sliding door - floor threshold and also insulated frame reinforced profiles excellent thermal insulation properties are achieved. PVC multi-chamber profiles, a leaf construction depth of 70 mm and high-quality insulating glass provide excellent thermal insulation properties of Uw 1.4 W/(m²K).

Isolation against the outside

The threshold of the lifting and sliding door is constructed so that the exterior and interior are thermally decoupled: this achieves "warm underfoot" floor areas in front of the patio door system.

The innovative gasket system guarantees maximum wind and driving rain impermeability with optimum soundproofing. Proven locking systems meet the highest demands with regard to burglary protection.

Wide range of types

Various types can be constructed: two, three and four leaf lifting and sliding elements with fixed and movable lifting and sliding casements.

Thanks to full system compatibility of the lifting and sliding door Schüco Corona CT 70 HS windows and doors can be constructed uniformly into the façade.

Diversity of colors

Schüco Corona CT 70 HS with an unlimited diversity of color designs integrated into the Schüco color concept with Schüco Corona TopAlu, the associated aluminum facing formwork system, and the Schüco range of foils.


System features

ProduktSliding systems
EnergieThermally insulated (1,3 ≤ Uf ≤ 2,0)
ProduktTypLift and slide system
SicherheitsmerkmaleBurglar resistant RC2
SteuerungManuell switchable
OberflächeCorona TopAlu
Decorative surface
PVC white (foliation)
Schallschutzincreased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
Key figuresThermal insulation Uf in W/m²K von: 2,6
Thermal insulation Uf in W/m²K bis: 1,5
Schalldämmung Rw,p in dB von: 34,0
Schalldämmung Rw,p in dB bis: 43,0
Einbruchhemmung RC von: -
Einbruchhemmung RC bis: RC2