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Schüco concealed door hinges

  • Lie completely hidden, cannot be seen
  • 2 variants – VL 100º hinge und VL 180º hinge
  • Application for inward and outward opening, left and right doors.
  • Simple three-dimensional adjustment
  • Secure attachment using counter anchor plate 
  • Tested burglar resistance RC 2 
  • Leaf weights up to 200 kg

Schüco concealed hinges – hinge technology for safe and long-lasting function

Schüco concealed hinges meet today’s requirements for modern architecture. They offer one hundred percent freedom from barriers allowing the sashes to fold back behind the frame when opening, and provide effective protection from dirt and weather influences. The concealed 180° hinge can be loaded with a leaf weight up to 200 kg and the 100° hinge up to 150 kg.

Surface-mounting and barrel hinges

As an alternative to our concealed hinges please also see the Schüco barrel hinges and the Schüco surface mounting hinges.

System features

SystemSecurity systems
Fittings and equipment

​As of 2017-09, the concealed hinge is tested 180° for RC2. 

A combination with the standard Schüco safety bolts is not required (also not possible due to the displacement curves).

See also: Expert opinion GaS 25536163

We recommend installation of revolving door drives only in combination with surface-mounted hinges (Schüco ATB) or barrel hinges (Schüco RTB). This is done with 2 hinges with one respectively directly below the other in the upper area.


Schüco VTB are mounted as concealed and the hinge flaps of this technique can only partially absorb the considerable torques of a revolving door drive - this is particularly true for 180° hinges, which consist of split hinge flaps.

Concealed door hinges can be used with overhead door closers.

For the 100° hinge, a second upper hinge and a door stopper are to be provided.


The door stopper ensures that door leaves with 100° hinges stop safely in the 100° open position. Otherwise, the hinge part would be damaged over time.

The 180 ° concealed hinge has 2 axes of rotation. At about 72 ° it switches by a pawl from the 1st to the 2nd axis. This causes by design a low noise, which is normal and does not represent a defect.
For heavy or oversized doors, the switching noise is correspondingly louder.
The door hinges are only released for Schüco ADS profiles up to a height of 2500 mm due to the necessary profile cut-outs.