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Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI

  • ​​Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI Structural Glazing look with triple glass
  • Projecting and parallel vent window shapely integrated into façades
  • Stepped insulation glass (SG) for seamless transitions to SG façades
  • Excellent thermal insulation up to Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
  • High Burglary protection rating up to RC 2
  • Optional concealed motor drive "Schüco TipTronic"
  • Energy consuming opening limiter for crash safety
  • Window system completely balanced for low operating forces
  • Leaf for maintenance work under full load (!) height adjustable 

Structural Glazing – Windows optics in the best form

Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI represents the design with openings of highly thermally insulation that is barely distinguishable outside from the SG-façade
Leaf weights up to 250 kg enable formats unattainable until now
Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI provides excellent comfort and safety: adjustable opening limiter secure manually operated windows.
The window system is also available as AWS 114.SI with surrounding glazing bead.

Use the SK windows as standard opening for traditional façade window solutions.  Use PAF window when the light refraction or sun reflection should be equal on the entire façade. ​

A special feature of the Schüco AWS 114.SI is that it has the motorized Schüco TipTronic
Protection class 0 and 4 is achieved.
Projecting and parallel vent windows are secured by safety technology such as a fully profile integrated blind in accordance with VFF data sheet KB.01 (power-operated windows). Splash-proof cable connectors allow easy installation of the profile-integrated Schüco TipTronic drive technology.
Assembly and installation are extremely simple. ​


System features

Ventilation systeme
EnergieHighly thermally insulated (1,0 ≤ Uf ≤ 1,3)
ProduktTypProjected top hung window
Parallel opening window PAF
Supply air
SicherheitsmerkmaleBurglar resistant RC2
Burglar resistant RC3
Protection class SK1
Protection class SK2
Protection class SK3
Protection class SK4
Supply air elements/slipstream
FunktionSchüco TipTronic
Schüco WindowControlSystem WCS
Comfort control
Radio system
Decentralized ventilation
Raised sound insulation
Fall protection
SteuerungManuell switchable
Electric switchable
VOC control
CO2 control
Wet control
Wind control
Approximation control
Switch rail control
Magnetic switch control
Multi Countour
Structural Glazing
OberflächeAlu crude (refinementable)
Schallschutzincreased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
increased sound insulation more than 45 dB
Standard up to 38 dB
Key figuresThermal insulation Uf in W/m²K von: 1,5
Thermal insulation Uf in W/m²K bis: 1,7
Thermal insulation Uw in W/m²K von: 1,0
Thermal insulation Uw in W/m²K bis: 1,3
Schalldämmung Rw,p in dB bis: 47,0
Einbruchhemmung RC von: RC1
Einbruchhemmung RC bis: RC2
Pulver: all Variations
Eloxal: all Variations
Nasslack: all Variations
Edelstahllook: all Variations
Luftdichtheit: 4
Schlagregendichtheit: 1200
Widerstand gegen Windlast: C5/B5
Stoßfestigkeit: 4
Dauerfunktion: 3
Bedienungskräfte: 1
mechan. Festigkeit: 4