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Schüco AS FD 75

  • ​Particularly narrow face width from 90 mm
  • 100 % flush sash and frame construction
  • Highly thermally insulated folding sliding door: Uw values < 1.3 W/(m²K)
  • Flat, thermally insulated floor threshold for barrier-free access possible
  • New running technology concept for sash weights up to 150 kg
  • Maximum sash dimensions w x h = 1,500 x 3,000 mm
  • Solid stainless steel guide rail and stainless steel rollers for easy movement of the sashes
  • Glass thicknesses from 8 mm - 50 mm can be used
  • Elements can be folded to the right, left, inside or outside as desired
  • Innovative sealing concept with 4 sealing levels double seal
  • Window sash can be integrated into the folding sash as a tilt and turn sash
  • Magnetic hold-open for turn sash
  • Burglar resistance up to class RC 2
  • Multicolored profile design
  • Lateral frame adjustment profiles with ± 8 mm adjustment range, to compensate for manufacturing and movement tolerances

Schüco AS FD 75 – Aluminum folding sliding system for maximum transparency

Schüco AS FD 75 folding glass units with slim profiles create a transparent connection between inside and outside.
The space-saving design ensures maximum opening widths for generous passageways in restaurants, offices and living areas.
Schüco AS FD 75 is quiet and tight thanks to the following features:
- new carriage and solid track
- 4 sealing levels in 2 sealing profiles
- new locking options for greater tightness
Schüco AS FD 75 is stable and adjustable at the same time thanks to the following features:
- Adjustment profiles with ± 8 mm adjustment range
- Guide carriages with tolerance support and secured against unhooking 
- Reinforced frame profiles
Many opening types are available for inward and outward as well as right and left opening elements.
Two sash profile widths 41 mm for a minimum face width of 90 mm with reduced glazing recess and 15 mm glazing bead, and alternatively 48 mm for a face width of 104 mm with regular glazing recess and 22 mm glazing bead.
Schüco AS FD 75 offers three different threshold profiles: circumferential fixed frame, 15 mm stop threshold and barrier-free threshold.

Special feature

Schüco AS FD folding sliding platform - the movable building envelope:
The Schüco AS FD 75 series can be used to cover all areas (residential construction, commercial construction, renovation and new construction). 
The focus is on the residential sector.

System features

SystemSliding systems
TypesFolding sliding
SecurityBurglar resistant RC2
SurfaceAlu crude (refinementable)
Key figuresBurglar resistance RC to: RC2
Construction depth in mm: 75
Powder: alle Varianten
Eloxal: alle Varianten
Wet coating: alle Varianten
Stainless steel look: alle Varianten
Airtightness: 4
Driving rain proofness: 9a
Resistance against wind load: B3