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Schüco AD UP Design Edition Gen2

  • Fingerprint solution elegantly integrated into the flushed pull grip of the front door
  • Access and administration (user and role management) via smartphone app
  • Opening the door or front door via fingerprint or remote opening via cell phone
  • Efficient production and installation, simple commissioning
  • Connection to smart home systems (e.g. Amazon Alexa)
  • Push messages to the cell phone when the door is opened
  • Attractive design with LED lighting

Schüco AD UP Design Edition Gen2 - Intelligent access control via fingerprint

The Schüco fingerprint integrated in the flush pull grip enables the door to be unlocked and opened with a single movement.
The surface sensor technology detects access authorization by simply placing a finger on the sensor.
The Schüco fingerprint system is conveniently managed via an app - assigning authorizations and allocating different roles is easy. An access log shows the activities of the past 7 days. Remote opening can also be triggered via the app. Biometric access control offers maximum security for private homes or properties.
Note: A small percentage of people have skin print structures that cannot be read by fingerprint systems.

Special feature

​Simple system that can even be put into operation by the user.​

System features

Building automation
EnergyThermally insulated (1,3 ≤ Uf ≤ 2,0)
TypesFront door inside
Front door outside
Panic front door inside
Object door openout
Supply air
SecuritySupply air elements/slipstream
Outbreak safety
Comfort control
Radio system
Raised sound insulation
Self-closing function
Door-opening function (Swing door drive)
Access control
Schüco Fingerprint
Schüco E-opener
Schüco A-opener
Schüco InterLock
Schüco SafeMatic
SurfaceAlu crude (refinementable)
Key figuresPowder: alle Varianten
Eloxal: alle Varianten
Wet coating: alle Varianten
Stainless steel look: alle Varianten