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Schüco Access Control

  • Bluetooth Low-Energy application
  • Integration into the door frame or door leaf provides harmonious overall picture; optionally panel or surface installation
  • Red Dot and iF Design Award for outstanding design
  • Three applications in one: escape door security, access control and door communication
  • Compatible component of door management system Schüco DCS
  • Can be combined with Schüco DCS door communication and Schüco DCS escape door security
  • Two freely configurable terminals, e-g. for door opener and alarm device
  • Secure fingerprint algorithm for user identification
  • Reader is "wedded" to the control unit; communication between reader and control unit is encrypted
  • App available in German and English
  • Schüco DCS Fingerprint exchanged with Schüco DCS Fingerprint Bluetooth
  • Cable harnesses pre-configured for easy installation
  • Plug-socket principle: no wiring necessary between the components

Schüco DCS Module Fingerprint Bluetooth – comfortable user management through app

Comfortable, safe and up to date - with the new module Fingerprint Bluetooth the Schüco DCS door management system offers an attractive expansion of its range of capabilities in the field of access control. These are managed comfortably by iOS or Android app such as creating, modifying or deleting user profiles. 

The Schüco DCS module Fingerprint Bluetooth can be operated next to a DCS RFID or code module and is connected by means of a simple plug-and-play connection to the controlling device. The firmware can be updated easily and quickly by app. ​


System features

Building automation
Fittings and equipment
ProduktTypFront door inside
Front door outside
Panic front door inside
Object door openout
FunktionComfort control
Access control
Schüco Card-reader
SteuerungElectric switchable
Switch rail control
Magnetic switch control


​Application case: In the tender, Schüco DCS access control + Schüco DCS emergency exit protection + 2-leaf full panic and Schüco revolving door drives (surface mounted and/or integrated) are requested

Self-conflict: When accessing from outside, the person standing in front of the door outside triggers a collision report on the radar mounted on the outside of the door, and the door is blocked.

Solution variants:

A) Double leaf door as partial panic door with Schüco DCS access control on the fixed leaf. Because the entering person stands before the fixed leaf, the moving leaf has "free rein".

B) In the case of a full panic door, the Schüco DCS access module must be mounted in a column detached from the door or beyond the sensor detection. Thus, the door can open - as long as the area is free of people.

C) Operation of the revolving door drive without sensors in the low-power operation. Caution: The risk analysis must allow this. The low-power operation is not permitted in buildings with vulnerable people, and so only solution A or B would be possible here.

A) Schüco DCS TouchDisplay (DCS ... Door control system)

The Schüco DCS TouchDisplay can be connected only indirectly to KNX

Usually this question arises if a "GIRA home server for KNX" should be used.

Gira is mainly controlled via LAN, but less compatible with KNX, because it works with a separate GIRA protocol.

Schüco adheres to standards that cannot currently handle the Gira protocol.

Gira shows various building information (heating, humidity, temperature, light, etc.) typically on a screen in the wall, and these are controlled there.

On demand, Gira indicates the option in order to be able to actuate their door intercom. However, this applies to their own protocol (see above).

For queries in this area, Schüco recommends the following:

It is more useful if the door intercom can use a mobile phone as a monitor.

Mobile phones have better acoustics and are well suited for this purpose. 

In addition, people have their mobile phone in their pocket most of the time; the path to a mobile is thus shorter and more convenient. 

If the home server is used by a tablet or a PC, the necessary app can be installed on it for communication, such as "Commend mobile client" (for iOS, Android) or "JITSI-client" (for Windows). In this way, it can be transmitted to a screen. For more information, please contact your electrical installer.

B) Schüco DCS access control

Schüco DCS access control is (as of 01/2018) a "stand alone" product - a bus variant will be developed if necessary.

Schüco is currently planning for a universal card reader. But many access control unit manufacturers have card readers for installation in external housing in the programme. If necessary, the Schüco DCS blind module can be used for this. 

C) Schüco DCS emergency exit protection

Has 2 output contacts

This reports the state of the system. They can be read via binary inputs and further informed using EIB/KNX.

Has 2 inputs 

- such as short-term approval release (for Zuko access control) or GMA (alarm system) for opening the doors

- such as for kindergartens, other opening times can also be used here.


Schüco DCS Konnektivität zu EIB KNX (AT-DE) Stand 2018-01-15.pdf