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SchüCal and JANIsoft is the calculation software for offer and order processing and also job preparation of Schüco and Jansen windows, doors, facades and conservatory systems in 3 stages of development - Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. In addition to the standard expenditures on offer, order, production, delivery and invoicing, there is also an option to create cross-sectional view, cut transfer to CAD, production time determination and data transfer to ERP / PPS systems.​





SchüCal and ​JANIsoft at a glance

SchüCal/JANIsoft basic
With the module "basic", windows, doors and facades can be captured as 2D elements. As an optional extension S-Cad offers an interface to the CAD-area.​

SchüCal/JANIsoft advanced
2D and 3D model templates facilitate the processing of complex objects. Another option is the control of CNC profile editing machines. SchüCad allows free 3D designs as an optional extension.

SchüCal/JANIsoft enterprise
Additional modules such as production time determination or the interface to ERP systems are already included.

SchüCal und JANIsoft im Detail

User interface
Through the ribbon operation is faster and easier for standard elements and special designs. The software remembers the last used selection and recommends its use for the next decision. The price of the concrete element, including all bonuses and the U-value are permanently displayed.

Door fitting manager
In addition to the automatic determination of the window fitting, the door fitting manager also assists in determining door fittings for Schüco and Jansen. Depending on the door properties, as for example the wing size, color and security class, matching items including the installation position are proposed.

Static pre-dimensioning​
With the static pre-dimensioning of profiles and glasses a safe calculation can be created by selecting the correct profiles for window and facade elements incl. their fillings.​

Proposal Module
SchüCal and JANIsoft offers individuality and flexibility during the preparation of proposals. Templates can be customized to fit your needs. The position can be adjusted individually and can be displayed as big sketches in the attachment.

Cross-sectional view (optional)
The cross-sectional view enables immediate visual control of the inputs. The display of profiles, glass, article numbers and dimensions gives an overview of the construction. Furthermore, an output using the element overview is possible.

Saw and machine control (optional)
The required system processing of profiles can be checked and completed during the processing element in 3D mode. Different types of saws and profile machining centers can be controlled directly from SchüCal.​​