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Vertigo Tower

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The visual charm of the Vertigo Tower comes from the extravagant and hard to comprehend formation of the glass façade. Built on the mountainside of the expansive mountains in Sofia, it forms an angular, crystal-shaped counterpart to the soft forms of the mountain silhouettes. Visitors and residents have a wonderful view of the city and surroundings. The building conforms to the highest European technical norms and has a very unusual architectural design which strongly one of a cut diamond.  In order to avoid unnecessary delays during the building of the office tower, the builder strived for a façade solution utilizing SG construction methods.

Because of the many different types of façade areas used based on the angles of the rooms, a façade grid was developed which, depending on compass direction, alternately compresses or broadens over the diagonal edges of the façade while reflecting the colors of the sky and the surrounding area. Due to the idiosyncratic 3D- geometry of the glass tower a situation results whereby the façade profile cannot accept positions in a 90° angle to the glass surface. This excludes the conventional post/bar façade construction method. A special construction method was developed where the "quasi-vertical" post profiles only filled the purpose of a substructure. The frame elements, with glass glued on, could be mounted perfectly, with the use of jointed profiles, onto a solid angle.

To a large extent, the Vertigo-Tower attracts attention due to its distinctive appearance. The design and appearance seem to be inspired by the search for the most varying visions. The form of the monolithic structure manifests itself as an exact reference to a crystalline form. Not a single superfluous detail distracts from the clear architecture of its appearance. ​


System features

Object referencesOffice- and administration building
ProductsSpecial construction
1404 Sofia
Completion date2012
ArchitectArchitekt Raimondo Flaccomino, Architekturbüro "Panidea"
ClientCasa Chic
ConstructorFirma Juventa - 3