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Train Station Wien Mitte

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​​​​​​​The upgrades have extended from the classic function of simple protection of the raw aluminum surfaces to individual design and defining characteristics. As a surface finish, the finish combines aesthetic aspects with the desired protective characteristics. The contractor and/or architect utilize the building envelope, in addition to the classic protective functions against temperature, weather, and sun, as a way to represent or display the company. When doing this, the classic function of protection through the type of construction, color selection, and finishing technologies must be combined into the desired appearance – from the window frames all the way to the complete building envelope. Different decorative effects such as wood and imitation stone, metallic colors and stainless steel combine timeless elegance with the artistic freedom to implement new ideas and accents.
Together with select partners, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL supports their clients by offering contractors and architects individualized solutions for the surface finish of Schüco Aluminium Systemprofiles. They offer a wide selection of finishing processes to accomplish this. ​


ObjektdatenblatT_Train Station Wien Mitte​.pdf

Wien Mitte Elementfassaden-Sonderlösungen von AKS.pdf

System features

Object referencesCultural buildings
TypesTransom and mullion
PV integrated façade
ProductsSchüco FW 60+
Special construction
LocationLandstraßer Hauptstraße 2
1030 Vienna
Completion date2010
ArchitectARCHITEKTEN WIEN MITTE Ortner & Ortner, Neumann & Steiner, Lintl & Lintl
ConstructorSFL Technologies