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SchücoFlam® CLT

  • Completely heat-insulating transparent EW safety glass
  • Space integrity and reduction of radiated heat (EW 30 to EW 120)
  • Up to 15 minutes room integrity and insulation (EI 15) max. ºT = 140 K
  • In triple insulating glass Ug-values up to 0.5 W/m²K are possible
  • Large glazing dimensions are possible - please see our documentation
  • Approved for both Schüco and Jansen systems
  • Particularly robust during transport, handling and installing due to ESG-construction
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be combined in numerous variations with other glasses in multifunctional ways.
  • Two-sided safety glazing according to EN 12600 class 1(B)1

Product description, properties and application

SchücoFlam® CLT consists of two ESG panes which are joined by a transparent alkaline interlayer which foams in the case of fire. If the interlayer is exposed to fire, it becomes opaque, foams and creates an insulating heatshield. 

The transmission of radiant heat is substantially reduced - for a certain time (ca. 15 minutes) even the insulating criteria are fulfilled. The interlayer creates a room-protection barrier against fire, smoke and heat, toxic gases, and holds for up to 120 mintes depending on the design. The foamed interlayer prevents a view of the fire, and avoids panic reactions. It also alerts the emergency services to the location of the fire.

SchücoFlam® CLT is suitable for internal as well as external use. It can be used in fire protection doors, separating walls, fire protection windows, facades, and roof constructions.​

Rapid and reliable delivey

The production leadtimes for SchücoFlam® C are projected by us and kept as short as possible - please contact us.

System features

ProduktSecurity systems
ProduktTypFixed glazing
SicherheitsmerkmaleBurglar resistant RC2
Burglar resistant RC3
Schallschutzincreased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
Key figuresFeuerschutzklasse: EW30-EW120