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Schüco ASE 67 PD

  • Panoramic zero threshold design sliding door
  • Thermally insulated sliding system with U-values of up to 1.00 W/m²K, depending on the dimensions
  • Maximum transparency and light transmittance in different variations
  • Casement up to 3,200mm in width and 3,000mm in height
  • Sliding sashes can be manually moved with ease
  • Centre cut visible width of 31mm
  • Sash weight currently up to 400kg
  • Glass thickness up to 49mm, suitable for highly isolated glass
  • Concealed locking technology
  • Floor transitions without thresholds
  • RC 2 break-in resistant

Manual panoramic design sliding door system

Comfort and design come first. The all-glass look and easy movement of the sliding sashes make Schüco ASE 67 PD a zero threshold sliding door with maximum transparency. Various blind frames and sash combinations are possible for both renovation and new construction, depending on the installation options. The 90mm-wide frame allows for entirely concealed casements. As it requires less space, the ideal choice for renovation works is the narrow 57mm variant. Various opening constellations are available that enable an effective realization of individual design needs. Schüco ASE 67 PD combines extensive sliding sashes with high air- and driving rain tightness and wind pressure resistance.

Special feature

The zero threshold system grants both comfort and accessibility by providing a floor level transition between the inside and the outside of the sliding door.

System features

SystemSliding systems
TypesPanorama sliding systems
Supply air
SecurityBurglar resistant RC2
SurfaceAlu crude (refinementable)
Sound insulationStandard up to 38 dB
Key figuresThermal insulation Uw in W/m²K: from 1,21 to 0,99
Burglar resistance RC: from RC1 to RC2
Construction depth in mm: 67
Powder: alle Varianten
Eloxal: alle Varianten
Wet coating: alle Varianten
Stainless steel look: alle Varianten
Weight in kg: 400
Airtightness: 4
Driving rain proofness: 9A
Resistance against wind load: B3/C3

Anodisation according to specifications for coastal areas

All fitting parts are to be treated in accordance with guidelines for coastal areas

Schüco Standard Castors are only partially suitable for coastal areas - 240 hours are achieved in the salt spray test. Increased maintenance is to be expected.

NSK corrosion-resistant bearings are available by special order - these last 480 hours. As of 2018-03, an endurance test will soon be carried out with them. However, here too, the castors would have to be swapped from time to time - half as often as standard rollers.

Bild Ergebnisse Salzsprühnebeltest 2018-03.pdf

As of June 2018, DowCorning's edge sealant materials are: 

DowCorning 3362 remains on the market and is the standard secondary sealant.
DowCorning 3363 replaces DC 3362 HD, where DC 3363 has a greater hardness than DC 3362.
According to DowCorning both products have an ETAG 002 approval.

Schüco confirms that the products DC 3362 and DC 3363 are compatible with the Schüco products 288180 and 288181. 
The information in the Schüco catalogues will be adapted in the coming weeks

General statements about the primary sealant are hardly possible because there are different qualities. 
According to the manufacturer, the adhesive 288180 is compatible with high-quality butyl-based primary sealants (PIB). 
Our customers must continue to ask the respective manufacturer of insulating glass about this.

The brand names of DowCorning have changed.
For example, Dow Corning 3362 is now called DOWSIL 3362.

1) Requirements for the purchase of Schüco Panorama sliding systems

  • Please also see the enclosed brochure, the prospective customer must have certification training and a valid certificate.
  • In order to approve the use of the series, a workshop size and workshop equipment are required that are compatible with the series.
  • As soon as the prospective customer holds the licence certificate, the fundamentally present delivery block will be lifted in our ERP system.
  • Schüco and AluKönigStahl have adopted this approach in order to favour well-trained and certified processors and to ensure that end customers receive functioning equipment.
    The occurrence of complaints about Panorama sliding systems is thereby reduced to a minimum.

2) Registration of prospective customers at
After registration, prospective customers can access the relevant series documents in AKS TechDoc and also the certification documents in AKS e-Academy. AluKönigStahl assigns the access authorisation after consultation with the responsible sales field staff and evaluation of the workshop equipment.

3) Access to AKS e-Academy for certification training
The participants will be given access to the training documents of the AKS e-Academy before the certification training.
Also retrievable are preparatory tests for the final certification test in several languages.

4) Certification training and personalised certification test
AluKönigStahl offers certification training at regular intervals. Certificates are issued on a personal basis.
At least one person in a company must be certified, and preferably three employees respectively for assembly, production and planning.

The final certification test can be done on paper or by e-Questionnaire.
Registration on our homepage and taking a laptop along for the training are (also) recommended.

The result of the test must be > 50% (for one point for each question, all the respective possible answers must be correct).

5) Approval for delivery
The Schüco and AluKönigStahl ERP system provides a fundamental block of relevant articles from the PD systems.
With positive certification, this block will be lifted. The names of the certified persons for each company are held in evidence at AluKönigStahl. Recertification is required after 3 years.