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Jansen Janisol Folding Wall

  • Profiles in steel polished blank or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Suitable for powder coating or wet painting
  • Profile construction depth of panel 60 mm
  • Profile construction depth of frame 60 mm
  • Infill unit thicknesses from 5 to 35 mm
  • Face width of top area 105 mm
  • Face width of panels with frame 82.5 mm
  • 2 to 6 panels manually operated, panel distribution in any manner
  • Opening toward inside or outside
  • Leaf weight up to 100 kg
  • Leaf widths up to 1'000 mm
  • Leaf heights up to 3'000 mm
  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 14351-1
  • Driving rain impermeability up to class 5A
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistant against wind load up to class C3/B3
  • Airborne sound insulation up to Rw 45 db


The Janisol folding wall is based on the thermally insulated system Janisol and can be used flexibly. It can be used as a room divider as well as in outdoor facilities. The proven system – developed newly for flexible openings - can be used optionally for outwards or inward opening needs. Elegant steel profiles and narrow face widths provide tough, resilient and durable stable folding walls.​


System features

ProduktSliding systems
EnergieThermally insulated (Uf ≤ 2,0)
ProduktTypFolding sliding
FunktionRaised sound insulation
OberflächeSteel crude (refinementable)
Steel galvanized (refinementable)
Key figuresSchalldämmung Rw,p in dB bis: 45,0
Pulver: All Variations
Nasslack: All Variations
Luftdichtheit: 4
Schlagregendichtheit: 5A
Widerstand gegen Windlast: C3/B3