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Schüco WCS Wireless Control System

  • High energy savings through automated window and façade modules
  • Easy controlling of Schüco system components with a secure radio system (e.g. TipTronic Schüco or Schüco sunshade systems)
  • Start-up without PC
  • Matched to Schüco portfolio
  • Ideal for renovation, modernization, retrofit and enhancements
  • Connection with other electrical systems in the building (e.g. dimmer)
  • Status LEDs indicate function
  • Switches already present in the building continue to be used
  • Start-up by "touch and play"
  • Maximum transmission reliability through bidirectional radio communication
  • Confirmation on the transmitter by status LED
  • AES encryption (Highest Safety Standard) provides processing advantages:
  • Products are shipped with default configuration
  • No additional wiring for switches / pushbuttons for element operation 

Schüco WCS (Wireless Control System) the new wireless system from Schüco

The radio-based Schüco Wireless Control System (WCS) consists of energy-independent buttons, switches and actuators that enable the intelligent networking of automated Schüco system components such as TipTronic windows, sunshade systems or lighting. For example, when closing the TripTronic window the automated radio control system controls the sunshade to shut down automatically. By controlling a number of functionalities the Schüco WCS can reduce building energy requirements and make the property more comfortable, safe and stable in value. ​

The battery-operated WCS wall switches can be installed on virtually any surface (e.g. glass or wood), and thus, they offer the maximum flexibility in the choice of place of installation. The Schüco WCS can also be controlled with existing range of switches and supplemented with additional components like dimmers. By using the Schüco WCS components a building can be adapted (even subsequently) to changing user needs. Thus, the building functions can be made accessible, for example, for people with disabilities through specific changes. 


System features

Window door
Building automation
ProduktTypTurn windows
Projected top hung window
Parallel opening window PAF
Rotary window OpenOut SideHug
Rotary window OpenOut TopHung
Top hung window OpebOut
Renovation window
Casement windows
FunktionComfort control
Radio system
SteuerungElectric switchable

​Schüco has offered a range of options over the last few years

Since spring 2017

Schüco currently favours mobile phone access via WiFi, and so

Schüco Automation Manager (+ mains adaptor) 

    in combination with 

Schüco IP Gateway + phone (currently only iOS)

Until about 2016

Schüco WCS TT module 263149/263150 

    in combination with 

Schüco hand-held transmitter 263263

Until about 2012

Schüco TipTronic receiver 262625/703/704 

    in combination with

Schüco remote control 262634/262654 or Schüco radio-controlled handle 247582/…/247513/247574


The Schüco radio-controlled handles 247582/…/247513/247574 introduced from 2008 in combination with the window-integrated radio receiver were a good concept but were not met with enough of a response on the market. We are currently considering a reintroduction.

With the Schüco TipTronic 1.0, the Schüco WCS accessed the window bus via an integrated receiver in the cables to control the leaves. For the Schüco Tip Tronic SimplySmart, the BUS protocol was changed to offer higher performance. That is why the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart is now incompatible with the Schüco WCS cable transition. 

Benefit today

The current variant with the IP gateway facilitates considerably better reach via the Schüco app.

Additionally, the lack of radio transmitter allows a much greater range of functions.