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Schüco SCC 60 HD

  • Ventilated façade for new constructions and energy renovation
  • Low face width of 60 mm
  • Thermal insulation can be implemented up to passive house standard
  • 2- and 4-sided mounting of the façade modules possible
  • For the installation of fixed dimension and oversized modules
  • Individually fabricated façade modules Schüco ProSol TF+
  • Standardized module installation of façade modules Schüco ProSol TF
  • Minimal construction height of the cover cap for maximum solar yields
  • Maximum dimensions (W x H) up to 2600 mm x 2200 mm
  • Glazing thickness range from 6.5 mm to 13.5 mm
  • Installation heights up to 40 m possible
  • Fastening to buildings for static structural and non structural substrates
  • Horizontal and vertical connection of modules possible 

The Schüco ventilated façade SCC 60 (Solar Cladding Construction) is the efficient system solution for new construction and renovation projects.

The Schüco ventilated façade SCC 56 is the efficient and flexible system solution for integrating Schüco ProSol TF+ into large surface façades.
By optimal interfacing between the façade system and Schüco façade modules ProSol TF maximum cost and planning reliability is achieved and the planning, manufacturing and assembly processes are significantly accelerated. ​


System features

ProduktFacades and Skylights
EnergieNot insulated ( Uf ≥ 2,0)
ProduktTypCold façade
All-glass façade
PV integrated façade
FunktionFall protection
Multi Countour
OberflächeAlu crude (refinementable)
Key figuresPulver: all Variations
Eloxal: all Variations
Nasslack: all Variations
Edelstahllook: all Variations