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Schüco Revolving Door Drives Overlying DA

  • For inward outward opening doors
  • Door leaf weight maximum 80 kg / 120 kg or 160 kg
  • Leaf width 800 mm - 1100 mm (ID 80/120)
  • Leaf width 850 mm - 1100 mm (ID 160)
  • Leaf height 1800 mm - 2300 mm
  • Door opening angle maximum 120°
  • Speed of opening / closing maximum 80° / 3 s
  • CE compliant
  • System type-tested in accordance with DIN 18650 


 Profile-integrated, electric revolving door drives for interior and exterior door systems, designed for single and double leaf revolving door systems
Schüco offers a wide range of revolving doors with electric drive for use indoors in residential and commercial buildings. They are excellently suited for barrier-free access.
Schüco revolving doors allow a comfortable, barrier-free door operation. ​


System features

Building automation
Fittings and equipment
ProduktTypFront door inside
Front door outside
Panic front door inside
Object door openout
Comfort control
Self-closing function
Door-opening function (Swing door drive)
SteuerungElectric switchable

​Application case: In the tender, Schüco DCS access control + Schüco DCS emergency exit protection + 2-leaf full panic and Schüco revolving door drives (surface mounted and/or integrated) are requested

Self-conflict: When accessing from outside, the person standing in front of the door outside triggers a collision report on the radar mounted on the outside of the door, and the door is blocked.

Solution variants:

A) Double leaf door as partial panic door with Schüco DCS access control on the fixed leaf. Because the entering person stands before the fixed leaf, the moving leaf has "free rein".

B) In the case of a full panic door, the Schüco DCS access module must be mounted in a column detached from the door or beyond the sensor detection. Thus, the door can open - as long as the area is free of people.

C) Operation of the revolving door drive without sensors in the low-power operation. Caution: The risk analysis must allow this. The low-power operation is not permitted in buildings with vulnerable people, and so only solution A or B would be possible here.