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AKS AL Office

  • Full glass design internal dividing wall for offices, homes, medical, hotels and smoking areas
  • Silicone free, extremely thin and transparent glass wall system
  • Stainless steel effect anodising or powder coating
  • Solid glass doors with different fitting options, also lockable
  • Good noise protection du to optimally sealed joints
  • Seals in black or grey depending on profile colour
  • Glass thicknesses from 8mm to 16mm (VSG), noise protection depending on room conditions
  • Door elements in glass or solid wood up to 40mm
  • Note: This product is distributed in Austria by Fa. Längle GmbH / Götzis.

AKS AL Office – Room partitioning with great design and sound protection

AKS AL Office is perfectly suited as both a cost-effective and high quality partition system for rooms in public buildings, shopping centres, hotels, private buildings and also medical institutions. The filigree design is almost completely transparent. Insertable doors are integrated into the glass wall using special fitting profiles. The achievable noise protection depends on the conditions of the room in question, a comparative study was carried out with Rw‘ = 21db. AKS AL Office is easily built, efficient to use and can be used flexibly. Let completed projects and references show you.

Special feature privacy screening

As well as the possibility to apply screen print to the glass sections, for AKS AL Office we also offer different view screening products. Please get in touch - we would be happy to provide you with more information. ​

System features

ProduktBuilding extension
EnergieNot insulated ( Uf ≥ 2,0)
ProduktTypPanic front door outside
OberflächeBetween 10 m. an 20 m. / sek.
Stainless steel look
SchallschutzStandard up to 38 dB
Key figuresEloxal: all Variations
Edelstahl: alle Varianten